Our unique 30,000 sq. ft. space is largely occupied by crate production and manufacturing, however the other half is dedicated to art storage, handling, and viewing. We have three secure, on-site storage facilities, both standard and climate controlled, and private vault options to answer your short- or long-term storage needs. We won’t go over the long list of security and safety details right now—it starts with 36 cameras—but we’ll gladly review all of them when we work with you. One of our facility’s most loved features is our spacious viewing area and enormous photo wall, perfect for photographing large works, and available for private use.


Our versatile warehouse includes the following areas:

  • Two large independently powered, climate controlled storage units. These maintain an average temperature of 70° Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity.
  • One large vault equipped with a wet pipe fire suppression system with remote monitoring.
  • An open 2,000 sq. ft. space viewing area available for private use.
  • Our 14’ x 30’ photo wall that’s excellent for photographing large works. If needed, we’re able to set up photography services, too.
  • Three loading docks that can accommodate any truck height.
  • Over 4,000 sq. ft. of dedicated warehouse space (expansive enough to fit a truck inside!) to efficiently prep, receive, and organize shipments.

What else?

In addition to storing your art, we offer these services:

  • Art handling needs, such as re-crating, re-packing, and re-wrapping. We can also adjust any packing solution in-house.
  • Condition reports provided upon request.
  • Deliver your artwork to any destination around the world and inspect if for TSA–certified transport.
  • Schedule a viewing or inspection Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm. Special schedules can be arranged.